How Our New House Is Going To Be Built


My dad and brother are rednecks I am kind of a redneck my mom is a city girl. Where  we live is a good place but we thought we should move so we looked and looked but was to much money. So we had to build. Our house is sold and 2 more weeks and they’re building our house probably will take 8 months.We are staying in a duplex for 8 months.we just bought a sea can we are taking tubs and tubs we already took like 9 truck fulls of tubs it’s lot’s of work. We have lot’s of heavy tubs i have to push them out of the truck and pull in the truck.Me and my mom want a pool to cool off after all the hard work outside. We saw a mom cat and a kittens.


Casey’s Baseball Season


I made the AA Mosquito baseball team I was two years underage. My brother is also on the team he is 11 he is moving up to PeeWee. We just got done provincials, we played Camrose, Cochrane and Okotoks we lost all three. My mom and dad were the coaches. It will be the last time that all four of my family will be on the same team. I hope my dad coaches me next year. I will still be playing Mosquito.  There are two kids underage, me and my friend Kaidan Baron.