Casey’s Baseball Season


I made the AA Mosquito baseball team I was two years underage. My brother is also on the team he is 11 he is moving up to PeeWee. We just got done provincials, we played Camrose, Cochrane and Okotoks we lost all three. My mom and dad were the coaches. It will be the last time that all four of my family will be on the same team. I hope my dad coaches me next year. I will still be playing Mosquito.  There are two kids underage, me and my friend Kaidan Baron.


6 thoughts on “Casey’s Baseball Season

  1. You must be an awesome player if your on the team and underage! Can’t wait to see you play. When we move to Alberta we will definitely have to come and watch you!

  2. Casey
    What a great accomplishment ! Did you know you were the first player ever in the history of Spruce Grove Minor Ball to make a Major AA team two years underage !
    Way to go !! Hope someday you will be a suuuuupaaaaa Staaaaar !!

  3. So happy to read your blog Casey. We had a great time watching you and your family on the ball field all season. Have fun at the Blue Jays Camp this week.

  4. Hey Casey! I remember when I was at Muir Lake and I saw you come in before you were in school, and now you are a baseball star! How cool is that!

    You are doing some great stuff and you are so lucky to have your mom and dad coaching. I wish luck as you continue to play!

    Take care,
    Mr. C

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