How Our New House Is Going To Be Built


My dad and brother are rednecks I am kind of a redneck my mom is a city girl. Where  we live is a good place but we thought we should move so we looked and looked but was to much money. So we had to build. Our house is sold and 2 more weeks and they’re building our house probably will take 8 months.We are staying in a duplex for 8 months.we just bought a sea can we are taking tubs and tubs we already took like 9 truck fulls of tubs it’s lot’s of work. We have lot’s of heavy tubs i have to push them out of the truck and pull in the truck.Me and my mom want a pool to cool off after all the hard work outside. We saw a mom cat and a kittens.


9 thoughts on “How Our New House Is Going To Be Built

  1. I am sure your new home will be awesome Casey! Sounds like you are working hard moving all those tubs around! Love reading your blog! Keep it up – your awesome!!!

  2. Casey!

    I am loving this blog and can’t wait for you guys to be our neighbours!!! I am excited you saw a mom cat and kittens because ours has been missing…probably because Wrigley is a pain in the neck to them! Where did you see the cat and kittens? How many kittens? What colours? Our mama cat is really friendly, so I hope you had a chance to pet her. Talk soon!

    • I can’t wait to be your neighbour too. We saw the mom and kitten well if you look at our trees its at the left side we saw them two days in a row. There was 1 kitten we saw it today and we saw the mom catch a bird and gave it to the baby kitten. Both of the cats were black and grey. The mom cat was really friendly too, but she was scared of us. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. It sure sounds like a lot of work Casey but it will be so worth it in 8 months time!! I’m sure excited for you guys and I’m thinking that you really do need a pool!! Enjoy the rest of your summer break…Excellent writing by the way 🙂

  4. Hi Casey! I really enjoyed reading your blog!! I bet you are so excited to have a brand new house!! Did you get to help with the design of the home at all? How about your room?? Do you have a colour or a theme in mind for it??

    Enjoy the rest of your summer Casey!!

    Sheri 🙂 (A friend of your mom’s.)

    • I am really excited for our new house. I don’t know what color room I am going to have yet.I did not get to design any of the new house only my room.Hope you have a good summer to.


  5. Good job helping your mom and dad out with packing, Casey! It is a huge job. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new home 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your summer…and say “hi” to the rest of your family from The Trippel’s!


  6. Sounds like you are working hard to get ready for the new house Casey. I wonder if you will have any cats when you move in? Keep up the great writing…..Gramps and I love reading your stuff. See you in a couple of weeks.

    • We will probably we will keep the kitten when our house is done.The kitten is really cute and fluffy the mom cat is friendly and scared but after we fed the mom cat came right to us.

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